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Citi Bike App

iOS users

After signing up as a Bike Angel, iOS users can activate the Bike Angels map layer to view station scores with the map.

If the map layer does not appear, delete and reinstall the app!

Android users

Bookmark this page for easy access to the web map (works on mobile browsers).

The Citi Bike App

Monthly Rewards (August 2017)

Point Threshold Reward Details
10 pts Share a Ride
  • 24-hour day pass with unlimited 30-minute rides
  • Code emailed immediately after earning your 10th point in a month
20 pts Membership Extension
  • Every 20 pts earns a 1-week membership extension
  • Max of 4-week extension in a month
  • Applied to your account automatically at the end of the month
40 pts
60 pts
80 pts
Above 80 pts Power Angel Reward
  • $1 for every 10 points earned after your 80th point (rounded down to nearest $1)
  • Emailed via GiftRocket delivery platform at end of month
Top 5
Bike Angels
Leaderboard Bonus
  • $100 electronic gift card for 1st place
  • $75 for 2nd, $50 for 3rd, $25 for 4th and 5th place
  • Emailed via GiftRocket delivery platform at end of month
All trips that begin on or after August 1st and before September 1st will count towards earning August rewards

Monthly Leaderboard ()

Rank Angel Points
Members are identified by first initial + last initial + last three numbers of their zip code on the leaderboard

Featured Bike Angels

Annual Bike Angel Status

On top of monthly rewards, Bike Angels can earn annual rewards and perks for different levels of Bike Angel Status
Angel Status Point Threshold Reward
Green 250
Bike Angels pin

Silver 500
White key

Bike Angel Status points accrue on an annual basis, beginning April 1st 2017