Welcome, Bike Angels! As a Bike Angel, you can start earning points for your trips, redeemable for rewards and perks. Sign up today!

Who are Bike Angels?

We work hard to manage bike availability, but we understand that there’s nothing more frustrating than a station with too few bikes or docks. That’s why we call upon Bike Angels: we believe our riders should be rewarded for trips they take that help other riders. Partnering with and rewarding our riders will help make Citi Bike better than ever. Small groups of users have signed up as Bike Angels over the past year, and we’ve seen excellent results. Now we’re ready to expand the team, and we hope you’ll join us improve the Citi BIke system for all riders!

How to earn points

As a Bike Angel, you earn points for moving bikes to or from select stations that see high demand, based on the time of day. In many cases, this simply means starting your trip from a station that’s nearby where you would normally start from or docking at a station that’s just a short walk from your destination. We’ll provide a map of points-earning stations within your Citi Bike app and online. Points earn rewards like gift cards, membership extensions, unique Citi Bike keys and more. It's free to sign up, and you can start earning points today! Sign up to get started.


Bike Angels can access a dynamic map that identifies stations in need of more bikes or docks. See below for the map indicating stations that earn points right now.

Upward Arrows
Pick-up stations

Upward “pick-up” arrows mark the stations full of bikes or likely to need docks soon. Take a bike from these stations and you’ll earn points.

Downward Arrows
Pick-up stations

Downward "drop-off” arrows indicate stations in need of bikes. See two lines by the arrow? More lines = more points = more rewards.

Getting points is easy:

iOS users

toggle layer
ios example

Bike Angels features a dynamic map that identifies stations in need of more bikes or docks. To turn this feature on, simply select “Bike Angels” in the Map Layers section of the Citi Bike iPhone app. (Make sure you have the newest version of the app!)

Android users, bookmark this page for easy access to the map. (App coming soon!)


Monthly Rewards and Leaderboard

Bike Angels Leaderboard (May 2017)
Rank Angel Points

Bike Angel Status