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How it works

Three types of stations:

  1. Pick-Up Station = 1 pt
  2. Drop-Off Station = 1 pt
  3. Neutral Station = 0 pts

Three types of trips earn points:

  1. Pick-Up Station Neutral Station = 1 pt
  2. Neutral Station Drop-Off Station = 1 pt
  3. Pick-Up Station Drop-Off Station = 2 pts

Stations outlined in silver are worth 2 points.

Stations outlined in gold are worth 3 points.

Points are earned for trips that start within these hours.

There's no limit to how many points you can earn per day.

See which station combinations earn points by toggling between the AM and PM map below. The pick-up and drop-off stations do not reflect the real time statuses of stations.

How to earn prizes

We'll tally the points you've earned at the end of the current challenge and award the prizes! If you would like to change your prize option from a membership extension to an Amazon gift card, indicate so here. Points reset to zero at the end of each challenge.

The current challenge ends Tuesday, January 31st at 10 PM.

Bike Angels Leaderboard

Rank Angel Points

Members are identified by their first initial + last initial + last three numbers of their zipcode.

The leaderboard is now updated dynamically!

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