From July 24th to July 30th, Bike Angel points earned donations for Bike New York in addition to standard Bike Angel rewards. All points earned by Bike Angels that opted in to the donation challenge earned a $10 donation for every cumulative 100 points earned. These donations went straight to Bike New York, a nonprofit that offers free bike education programs throughout the five boroughs, whereby they teach kids and adults how to ride a bike, and how to do so safely and confidently in the city.

The challenge? Earn $1,000 to help spread the love of biking in New York! Not a Bike Angel yet? Sign up here!

Challenge successfully completed on July 30th!


Angels participated


points earned


donated to Bike New York

Grab a bike & get riding
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Earn money for Bike New York
All Bike Angels can opt in and have their Angel points earn donations (on top of the regular rewards!)

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