From May 17th to May 31st, every Bike Angel point you earn will also earn money for Transportation Alternatives, an organization that advocates new bike lanes and public plazas, lifesaving traffic laws and innovations to transform New York City streets.

Grab a bike & get riding
Check the Bike Angels map to find stations earning points near your planned pick-up and drop-off stations.

Earn money for TransAlt
Every Bike Angel point counts towards the donation (on top of the regular rewards!)

Check the site daily
Review the Bike Angels progress to the $1,000 goal.

Bike Angels begin with a base donation of $250. Every 100 points collectively earned will add $5 to the donation total. The challenge? Earn $1,000 towards making New York a bike friendlier city.

12,409 / 15,000

points earned to date

$871 / $1,000

donated to date